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The PGA Sultan Course: A Challenge for All Levels

20231204 101200

A Golf Day at the PGA Sultan Course It was a sunny day in Antalya, Turkey, even though it was the beginning of December. Three friends, Ben, Gary, and Carla, were playing golf at the PGA Sultan Course, one of the two courses at the Antalya Golf Club. Hole 1 The first hole was a […]

A Golf Pro’s Dream Come True in Belek, Turkey

Gloria Old Course in November 2023

A Golf Pro’s Dream Come True in Belek, Turkey I’m a golf pro from the United States, and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Belek, Turkey, with a group of eight students. We booked our trip through, and we had an absolutely amazing time. We spent one week in Belek, and we […]

Challenging the Waters: Conquering the Cullinan Links Golf Club’s Aspendos Course

20230805 162252

The Cullinan Links Golf Club Aspendos Course Experience Prepare for an exceptional golfing adventure at Cullinan Links Golf Club as you take on the renowned Aspendos Course, a par 5 masterpiece. With its strategic layout, this 18-hole gem offers a test of skill and precision that will leave you mesmerized. Long 18-hole  Cullinan Links Golf […]

Nick Faldo’s “Jaws”

20230316 164008

Cornelia Nick Faldo Golf Club is home to an exhilarating hole known as “Jaws.” Despite its short length, measuring 100 meters, this par 3 hole presents a unique challenge by rising 9 meters within that distance. Flanked by majestic trees on both sides, reaching heights of 10-12 meters, the right-side trees obscure 30% of the […]

Golf: The Game of Life

20231116 122439

Golf: The Game of Life Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. It is a game that requires patience, focus, and respect for others. These are all qualities that can be transferred to other areas of life, making golf a great way to improve your […]

Golf in Belek

Belek, Turkey is known for being a popular golf destination, with many high-quality golf courses. Many of the courses are designed by well-known golf course architects such as Nick Faldo, David Feherty, and Colin Montgomerie. The courses are set in beautiful natural surroundings and offer challenging and diverse play. The climate in Belek is also […]

Golf in the Winter: Antalya Belek, Turkey

winter 2022 -2023

Golf in the Winter: Antalya Belek, Turkey For golfers living in cold climates, the winter can be a challenging time. Golf courses are often closed, and the weather can be too cold to play comfortably. But there is a solution: Belek, Turkey. Belek is located on the Mediterranean coast, and it has the mildest winter […]

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