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Nick Faldo’s “Jaws”

Cornelia Nick Faldo Golf Club is home to an exhilarating hole known as “Jaws.” Despite its short length, measuring 100 meters, this par 3 hole presents a unique challenge by rising 9 meters within that distance. Flanked by majestic trees on both sides, reaching heights of 10-12 meters, the right-side trees obscure 30% of the target, adding an element of difficulty. One must be cautious not to get caught in these trees.

As you approach the green, you’ll notice two deep bunkers on the front right and left sides. Falling into these bunkers can be problematic, as you might have to play your shot backward to escape their clutches. If, by any chance, your ball accidentally finds its way into the wooded area, it is advisable to take a spare ball with you, as it may be challenging to locate your original ball amidst the shrubs.

The green itself spans 33 meters, with the first 25 meters sloping forward. Surprisingly, even if you aim slightly ahead of the flag, the ball will naturally glide towards it within a range of 10-20 meters. The green is also 25 meters wide, offering a comfortable space to execute your shots, considering it encompasses an area of 800 square meters. However, if you misjudge the 9-meter drop and fail to account for it, you might find yourself caught in the shrubs, trees, or bunkers.

As a golfer, it is highly recommended to add this hole to your “Bucket List” . It’s a unique experience that tests your skills and awareness. You must be mindful of the real “Jaws” lurking in the depths of the sea, for if you fall into the water, your game will become considerably more challenging. However, by understanding and identifying the potential risks, you can navigate this hole with ease.

To gain access to the complete “Bucket List”, you can explore the golf packages offered at Cornelia Nick Faldo Golf Club. Achieving a hole-in-one on this course will undoubtedly bring immense joy, while scoring a birdie will leave you satisfied. It is also possible to score par, which can be considered a realistic goal. However, if you find yourself scoring a bogey, take it as a sign that you should challenge yourself and play the hole again.

Remember, the presence of “Jaws” is a constant reminder that hazards exist in the depths of the sea. By understanding and respecting these challenges, you can enhance your golfing experience. Come and enjoy the thrill of Cornelia Nick Faldo Golf Club’s legendary “Jaws” hole, where adventure awaits with each swing.