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The PGA Sultan Course: A Challenge for All Levels

A Golf Day at the PGA Sultan Course

It was a sunny day in Antalya, Turkey, even though it was the beginning of December. Three friends, Ben, Gary, and Carla, were playing golf at the PGA Sultan Course, one of the two courses at the Antalya Golf Club.

Hole 1

The first hole was a par 4, a long and narrow fairway that was a good warm-up. It was important to avoid hitting the ball too far to the right, as there was a pond hazard. Of course, Ben and Gary both hit their balls into the pond. They continued on under penalty. Their scores were double bogey, double bogey, and bogey.

Hole 2

The second hole was a par 3, with a tree hazard on the right that bothered Ben. His score was bogey, while Gary and Carla both had double bogey.

Hole 3

The third hole was a par 5, another long and narrow fairway. It was a good day to be walking, even in the winter sun. Ben came close to par with two fairway shots, but finished with bogey. Gary and Carla both had double bogey.

Hole 4

The fourth hole was a par 4, with three bunkers on the right that were a problem for all three golfers. Their scores were bogey, bogey, and bogey.

Hole 5

The fifth hole was Ben’s favorite, a par 3 that was forgiving even if you made a mistake. He hit a perfect tee shot, landing the ball right next to the flagstick. Gary and Carla both had bogey.

Hole 6

The sixth hole was another par 3, with a wide fairway. Carla hit an incredible shot, landing the ball right in the hole for a hole-in-one. Ben and Gary cheered and congratulated her.

to be continued, The three friends had a good time despite their high scores. They enjoyed the beautiful weather and the challenge of the course. They also appreciated the support of their sponsor,